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  • Who We Are

    At Island Photo Booths we strive to provide the highest quality photo booths at the very best price. We are one of the few Photo Booth companies that provide commercial grade machines. For you, this means top of line equipment that is constantly getting new software updates, high end printers that produce prints within 8 seconds and prints that come out of the machine dry. Your prints will never fade and are water resistant. What you will not see is a laptop or an IPod acting as a photo booth.

    Beyond having top of the line equipment, our Photo Booth attendants are always there to provide professional service for you and your guests. They will encourage your guests to do some crazy things, help your guests know where to stand, press all the buttons on the machine, and most importantly, assure you and your guests have FUN!

    Company History

    Island Photo Booths was the FIRST photo booth company in Fort Wayne. We worked very closely with our partners in Miami, Florida to bring the photo booth experience back to the Summit City. When we started we only had one booth, it was our Original Booth. After a few years the industry started to evolve and being that we are associated with some great partners in the Miami area we were able to constantly upgrade and replace our booths in order to keep up the demand as well as bring the newest technologies to Fort Wayne. Since then we added many more Original booths to the fleet. Today we have 14 booths in our fleet. It's absolutley amazing what Island Photo Booths looks like now compared to when we first started. We are so excited to see what will be next....

    Latest News

    We have upgraded all of our Strip Photo Booths.

    Our cameras have been upgraded from a 2 megapixel HD camera to a 10 megapixel HD camera.

    We have also added color LED lighting around the booth to help give extra attention to the booths. On top of the hardware updates we receive major software updates that give us additionl printing options and new animated graphics that guide clients on what to do next on the machine.


  • Services List


    Strip Booth - $575
    Original Booth - $450

    Corporate Events

    Strip Booth - $475
    Original Booth - $375

    Graduations / Birthdays

    Strip Booth - $475
    Original Booth - $375


    10x10 Photo scrap book - $75
    Additional hour - $75
    Paused hour - $25


    Our Photo Booths

    STRIP PHOTO BOOTH - Open concept.

    Professional attendant, Unlimited sessions, Unlimited prints, Video messaging, 4 Large monitors displaying slide shows, Tiltable camera, Many background choices, On-line gallery, Props, 1-25 guests can fit in photo, DVD of all images provided after event, Custom 4th frame, 4 hours of FUN photo booth time
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    ORIGINAL PHOTO BOOTH - You get inside.

    Professional attendant, Unlimited sessions,On-line gallery, Props, 1-4 guests can fit in photo, DVD of all images provided after event, Custom 4th frame, 4 hours of FUN photo booth time

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  • Strip Photo Booth

  • Original Photo Booth

  • Backdrops

    Blue Beach
    Sunset Beach
    Sunset Palms
    Spot Lights
    Champaign Glasses
    Red Carpet
    Red Circle Bursts
    Silver Hears
    Silver Sequence
    Silver Circle Bursts
    Gold Circle Bursts
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    Island Photo Booths

    16323 Canyon Ridge Rd,
    Leo IN 46765
    Telephone: 260 348 0000

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